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Nina Cristiano
Joined on 09/01/2018 Born 01/01/1999
A passionate and enthusiastic conservationist who is looking to learn and apply my skills to help save the world.. Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. My parents are originally from Switzerland and Italy.

I am a massive environmental conservationist, in that I always revolve my time and tasks around biology. I am a very open-minded and adventurous person who is more than willing to say yes to any opportunity and truly make a difference!

I am currently a high school graduate. I have graduated with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. I am currently taking a gap year for the purpose of involving myself in conservation programs. I will be attending the University of Exeter in September of 2018 to study Conservation Biology and Ecology.

My Achievements:
1. High school Ecology Club president.
2. High school Head Girl.
3. Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award (kayaked long distance in the ocean).
4. Model United National Delegate

1. Playing sports
2. Snorkeling
3. Beach cleanups
4. Researching

Central America, South America
Conservation Work
Social Work
Skills in Education: 1. Extended Essay : “What is the scope of the plastic debris problem in the Bahamas marine environment and what is its impact?” This project consisted of 1) dissecting fish stomachs of 10 different species of fish, 2) identifying the type of micro-plastic found in the fish through various methods 3) quantifying the amount of micro-plastic pellets found within dissected fish (pelagic vs. benthic). 2. For my Biology course I completed an Internal Investigation regarding wetlands. I collected data in order to find the correlation between abiotic factors of the wetland vs. its biodiversity of mangroves. The abiotic factors tested were: pH, soil salinity, water salinity. Simpson’s Biodiversity Index was used to find the diversity of mangroves in the wetlands. 3. I’ve also done a biology investigation where I completed the chi-squared test to summarize the distribution of periwinkle from the shore (rocky area) to the beach (sand). Materials I've Worked With: - pH Probes - Salinity Sensors - Soil Moisture Sensor - Soil Separator - Dissection Tools - Simpson’s Biodiversity Index. - Line Transects Skills in Technology: - Word - Excel - Presentations Relevant Skills: - Fluency in French and Spanish - Completed a CPR training course - Teaching (substantial experience with teaching young children)
October 2017 - December 2017: Research Volunteer with Frontier, Costa Rica. I volunteered 10 weeks for the project: Big Cats, Primates and Turtles. I was helping to conduct research on both turtles and endangered terrestrial animals where I also gained many skills in monitoring species - even to the point where I led certain surveys.

Marine Mammal Research: 1) anti-poaching night patrols which included: finding new nests, triangulation, nest relocation, taking measurements of the adult turtle and checking for tags, injury or disease. 2) morning turtle patrols which included: finding nest chambers, excavations, determining hatchling success rate, assistance with local hatchery.

Terrestrial Animal Research: Studied primates, birds, mammals with use of GPS, compass, species identification; analysis of group composition for primates; learned identification of bird calls for a range of factors including: endemism, ecological importance, indicator species, migratory species and data deficiency.

I also planned and taught weekly English lessons to the local school with children aged from 8-11 years old. I therefore was massively integrated into the community and am a high level Spanish speaker.