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Gabriel Upegui


Gabriel Upegui
Joined on 12/06/2017 Born 22/01/1959
Dynamic, resourceful, patient Instructor equipped with the knowledge that learning a language takes time and practice.. I would like to work through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries.
My high-impact approach brings people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place.

Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania
- Working collaboratively with my counterpart. - Advise on curriculum design. - Relationship management. - Resourcing and evaluation of skills. - Help students progress. - Assist on strengthening the relationship between teachers, directors and parents. - - Identify opportunities for head teachers to develop staff unity and increase teacher motivation.
Nowadays, I´m in charge of the conversation club in one of the most important libraries in town, between 12 to 25 people attend.