Jose Munyuru


Jose Munyuru
Joined on 07/10/2019 Born 30/08/1992
Industrious, Reliable, Honest, Great interpersonal and Communication skills.. My ambition is to contribute immensely to research through practical applications of concepts and training acquired while developing in my area of specialization, learn new tasks and procedures that would help me ultimately achieve goals of being excellent as a scholar.

North America, Central America, South America
Content Writing
Social Media Marketing
 Team work –I have successfully undertaken various team projects within both academic and non-academic environments e.g. Kilifi District Hospital clean up and Tree planting in the school botanical garden.(i) Practical skills:  Laboratory knowledge and techniques.  Social skills –sociable, solving problems, arbitrating and settling disputes  Computer skills–Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Internet and E-mail, Now learning skills in the use of Bioinformatics for analyzing nucleic acids and proteins.
Volunteer Graduate Assistant (VGA): Working with the community to eradicate poverty, disease and illiteracy among the members of the community by creating self awareness and mobilizing the sick people to go to hospital to get medication. Also having the privilege to be in a University the government has given us some chance to volunteer to Primary and Secondary schools in various regions to motivate the students to perform well in their academic works by conducting seminars, mentorship and remedial classes where we interact with the students in primary and secondary schools
Volunteer Counselor: Availing myself every Sunday morning from 6.00 am to 8.00 am to minister to the sick through spiritual nourishment like Preaching the good news to them, encouraging them, Counseling them, restoring hope to those who seemed hopeless in their hospital beds especially Cancer patients and Hiv infected patients, comforting the bereaved members whom I found on Sundays, and many other ways as needs were arising at Kilifi County Hospital.
Huduma Centre Kilifi as cyber staff: From Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm I was working at Huduma Centre Kilifi as the team leader among four colleagues in assisting customers to acquire Government services online like applying for Kenyan passports among other government services and volunteered in counseling customers who visited while depressed and confused.