Elena Pallaver


Elena Pallaver

Joined on 25/10/2016. Born 06/01/1994
It's difficult talk about myself. I think I'm a funny person and cheerful, I love to stay with people, I like to be always busy but also to stop occasionally. And l'd like to enjoy every minute of my life!. Every summer I work with children in a summer camp. During the rest of the year I teach hip hop dance and I attend a circus course. Im my free time I get out with my friends and some times I go climbing.

I have only one rule: if you do something, do it with a smile!!! :)

I would like to visit the world, I like travelling, meet new cultures and I think you can really see a city only if you look at people who live there. So now I decide to take some time for see Europe and improve my skills.

Want to visit

Europe, Belgium, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain

Interested in

Agriculture Work
Animal Care

Additional Skills

- intermediate level of English (but I work to improove it) - Cooking - cleaning - babysitter - good in relationship -programm event - ECDL

Past Volunteering Experience

- work in a Hostel in Lisbon
- work for a planning event association