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Elena Pallaver


Elena Pallaver
Joined on 25/10/2016 Born 06/01/1994
It's difficult talk about myself. I think I'm a funny person and cheerful, I love to stay with people, I like to be always busy but also to stop occasionally. And l'd like to enjoy every minute of my life!. Every summer I work with children in a summer camp. During the rest of the year I teach hip hop dance and I attend a circus course. Im my free time I get out with my friends and some times I go climbing.

I have only one rule: if you do something, do it with a smile!!! :)

I would like to visit the world, I like travelling, meet new cultures and I think you can really see a city only if you look at people who live there. So now I decide to take some time for see Europe and improve my skills.

Europe, Belgium, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
- intermediate level of English (but I work to improove it) - Cooking - cleaning - babysitter - good in relationship -programm event - ECDL
- work in a Hostel in Lisbon
- work for a planning event association