Neptaly Gonzalez

Peru. Born 26/04/1977

Neptaly Gonzalez

Joined on 26/08/2017.

I am 40 years old, I have studied history of art, philosophy and literature. I started in a spiritual development and I am interested in helping and penetrating the culture of South America and living their goodness and conflicts.

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work

Research, understanding and creation of knowledge. Ease of human relations. Likes for teaching. Share, learn and exchange experiences. Teamwork. Collaboration and initiative. Commitment. Resistance and enthusiasm at work.

I have no experience but I am interested in starting in the world of volunteering.

Neptaly Gonzalez applied to volunteer with 7Elements Peru in Peru
Updated on 26/08/2017
"I adapt to the needs of the moment and I take with happiness the activities of here and now. Unite to fraternize and grow in collaborative environments that are in harmony with nature, love and help to others."
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