Joined on 19/09/2016. Born 16/01/1993
my name is Laura Berenguer Mellado, I finished my law career this year but also was a volunteer in France developing the European space and like aupair until July.
Thanks to my Erasmus stay in Italy and this stay in France I have decided that my work has to be related to the international and European sector. I am very interested in being part of the bodies of the European Union or something related with the international área.

I have a lot of hobbies like write, read, travel, listen to music, practice languages and do all of sports no matter what, but especially handball

I consider my self a person who after having been out of m country, I want to keep in touch with the global world, and interact, share experiences, questions, ways of thinking with people from others countries, and there is no better way that bringing my knowledge,experience and desire to participate in projects with other persons in other countries

Want to Visit

North America, Europe, Middle East, Belgium, France, United Kingdom

Interested in

Animal Care
Conservation Work


I like all sports, I'm a person who thinks that sport is part of life, and be sports instructor has helped me develop much learning through sport. Later if I do describe myself and my competences I can say that I am an outgoing, friendly, very responsible person, I like to discover new things and meet people from around the world to talk and see the different views on the same idea. I love meeting new cultures and learn from people from different countries. Think that your country is the best is a bad idea and mix cultures, opinions and ways of living is very enriching for all people. With my group of friends, I tend to take the final decision, but no because I am a person who likes to lead, but because I like to hear all points of view and not impose decisions, later hear all of options I opted for a more reasonable for the welfare of all.

Past Volunteering Experience

I have a very nice experience like volunteer in ESN (Erasmus Student Network) It is an association that helps Erasmus students or international students to adapt to the country and the university, we help on issues such as accommodation, class, language, transport ...
Have someone to help you in the first days or months of your experience in a new country is very positive for them and very rewarding for volunteers.
We do a numerous activities for know the city and then various cultural trips to know different cities of the country.