Hani Umi


Hani Umi
Joined on 09/01/2018 Born 20/05/1994
Its really nice to help another people and communities around the world. It would be good for me to have a chance to create my own experience. Enrich my knowledge about environment, life, education, and people are attract me so much! I hope I can help as much as I can in my rest of my life :) I did volunteer job from years ago, and I still doing now. It makes my life more precious to meet a lot of people around. Its not only about what did I do to them, but also what did they gave to me. Experience as a diamond in my life.

Africa, South Asia, South East Asia
Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Women Empowerment
Agriculture, teaching, and writing
- Agricultural volunteering program in Madura, Indonesia
- Volunteer as science teacher in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
- Volunteer as Content Writer in Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA), Cambodia
- Volunteer as English teacher in Kaw Tha Blay Learning Center (KTBLC), Thailand