Hani Umi


Hani Umi

Joined on 09/01/2018. Born 20/05/1994
Its really nice to help another people and communities around the world. It would be good for me to have a chance to create my own experience. Enrich my knowledge about environment, life, education, and people are attract me so much! I hope I can help as much as I can in my rest of my life :) I did volunteer job from years ago, and I still doing now. It makes my life more precious to meet a lot of people around. Its not only about what did I do to them, but also what did they gave to me. Experience as a diamond in my life.

Want to visit

Africa, South Asia, South East Asia

Interested in

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Women Empowerment

Additional Skills

Agriculture, teaching, and writing

Past Volunteering Experience

- Agricultural volunteering program in Madura, Indonesia
- Volunteer as science teacher in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
- Volunteer as Content Writer in Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA), Cambodia
- Volunteer as English teacher in Kaw Tha Blay Learning Center (KTBLC), Thailand

Organizations I Support

Cambodia Bird Guide Association
Project Umbrella Burma

My Reviews

Awesome Journey That I've Ever Had!

"I've never expected that I will have good memories in Cambodia! I love working with CBGA as writer for their website and newsletter. Everyone completely awesome and very kind! They are always take care of me and smile at to me. I also love working in their office, it feels like a home and family. They are totally awesome people. I had trip through Cambodia with them at the weekend, bike tour in around Angkor Temple and trip in Phnom Penh. I really recommend you to do volunteer with CBGA. They will welcoming you very well. You will create your own journey to help them in wildlife conservation as well. Big thanks for gave me chance to be a part of CBGA during my awesome 3 weeks in Cambodia!!!"

on 09/08/2018