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Joined on 12/09/2016 Born 12/01/1988
A young Social Pedagogue with 27 years old. I have 1 year of experience as volunteer in different private organizations and associations, and 3 years as leisure time instructor. Actually I am aupair in Rush, Co.Dublin. I consider myself a mature person , with great capacity for learning , from very small I have the ability to interact easily with people , I'm an open person , I listen and am interested in the ways of thinking of others and emotional states others. I love the social world where to work with families, women, drug addicts, etc but my vocation is children, I love to work with them and I would like carry on learning and contributing in this wonderful scope.

South East Asia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam
 Mother tongue: Spanish  Other Languages: English: Certificate ISE I Trinity College London. Malaga (SPAIN) December 2015. French (Elemental2)  Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox  Office Package: Word, Access, Excel and Power point  Email  Social Media  Responsibility and motivation to work  Capacity for teamwork and conflict resolution acquired in academic training and work experience  Communication skills, organization and planning  Ability to review, give constructive criticism and interpersonal skills.  Ability to learn and adapt to new situations.  Understanding of cultures and customs of other countries.
PRODIVERSA. PROGRESO Y DIVERSIDAD. Málaga (Spain) ONG progressive committed to social change and democracy, which aims to mobilize its efforts to ensure equality, social justice, the promotion of economic, social and political rights fundamental contributing to the integral development of individuals and peoples.
November 2015-January 2016
Voluntary (working next to social pedagogues)
 School support children between 6 and 17 years in a child protection centre.
 Support in the kitchen and daily tasks of the centre.

ECOGRIN SOCIAL JUSTICE ASOCCIATION. Puerto de la Torre, Málaga (Spain) Association Ecologist and of Gender nonprofit for the responsibility and the Intercultural for the Social Justice with interest of offering alternative spaces from which to think, to feel and to do the social and educational action.
May 2015 – July 2015
Voluntary (working in a team of 12 volunteers)
Start up a socio- educational project with two place “Open to play” and “Move T+” aimed at families and children in a district on Málaga.
 Contributed, planning, implementation, revitalization and participation in activities.
 “Open to play”. Activities and workshops with children under 3 to 12 and parents to encourage cooperation and family involvement.
 Moves t +. Activities and workshops with children from 13 to 18 to encourage their development, share knowledge and approach to those without easy access.

“HOGAR ABIERTO”, Málga (Spain) Specialized Center in Family intervention.
May 2009
 Planification and realization of leisure and free time activities with children in care aged between 2 and 17 years while their foster parents had informative conferences.

“CEPER “Puerto de La Torre Malaga (Spain). Málaga Association in favor of people with intellectual disabilities.
October 2007- June 2008
 Support for the tasks and activities of daily programming.
 Taught workshops, support in the dining outlets leisure time, etc