United States. Born 11/08/1980

Verónica - Volunteering Profile

Soprano • Polyglot • Translator • Editor • Teacher • Coach • Globetrotter • #32Spark

Singer, dancer, actor, writer, editor, proofreader, translator, foreign language teacher.

Love: Theatre, cinema, ballet, opera, dance, musical composition and performance, reading and writing. Ancient history, art history, anthropology, psychology, chemistry and biology. Canine and aquatic activities. Community service, pro bono and non-profit activities.

Africa, South East Asia, Oceania

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Web Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief

Responsible, enthusiastic, positive young woman, with great academic drive and substantial experience in administrative support, specializing in Vocal Performance and Foreign Languages; eager for an opportunity to demonstrate these abilities and make them an asset and integral part of your professional group and to make significant contributions to our society. ~ • ~ Languages: Fluent: English, Spanish and Danish. Intermediate: German and French. Beginner:Italian and Portuguese. ~ • ~ Proficient use of all Microsoft Office Programs, Windows. Macintosh and Linux Operative Systems; Design Software, Music Software, Web Browsers, Search Engines and Email Software for all systems. Type 55 wpm. Outstanding organizational and time management skills.