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Caminante No-hay Camino
Joined on 08/01/2017 Born 12/01/1995

First of all, welcome to my profile. My name is Anabel, Anabel Vega but you can call me as you want, I don't mind :).

Well all that you need to know about me is that I'm 22, and I was born in Gran Canaria, a little island located in Spain. But im pretty sure that If you ask me where I am from, with many difficulties I will give you a clear answer. "I'm a citizen of the world".

I'm here because doing volunteering works help me a lot to travel, provide me different experiences, maintain my mind bussy and my soul clear.

Since I was 14 I started to travel as a backpacker. Now in 2017 I have been in more than 40 countries and 63 cities around the world, with my low budget.

About my education I studied in one of the best university in my country "Complutense University of Madrid", and I spent in Madrid city 3 years of my life studying the bachelor degree about International Relations, I did an Erasmus year in Lisbon too.

About the languages that I can speak are: spanish as my mother tongue, and english. Then I can speak Portuguese too. I have an intermediate level in french. And I can speak a little bit of Italian because I was living there for a couple of months.

About me al that I can say is that I love people, "Philantrophy as way of life". People, places and food. In the other hand i'm very interested in pursuing some volunteering with kids, with animals as well as any eco-related opportunities. In my spare time I love to learn lenguages, meet new people, and explore news places. I also play rugby, boxing and many other sports. I like to read, write, and listen to music just like most others. I am always open to new experience and I try to learn as much as I can everyday.

Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Italy au pair

Sri Lanka Sport Exchange program

Madrid social works.