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Elisa Casillas Carmona


Elisa Casillas Carmona
Joined on 22/01/2017 Born 28/01/1990
I am happy and active person who likes learn about other cultures.. Hello! I am Elisa, I am 26 years old, I studied primary teacher and violin 10 years in a music school. I have been working in Ireland 4 years as childminder and giving violin lessons. (I could give you english references) I am going to finish a degree of educational psychology in june. At present I am doing a placement in a center with persons with mental disability. I would like to do this summer a volunteer I think is a really good experience that I want to experiment. I love working with kids and I have a lot of experience. I am very enthusiastic and energetic person, who likes learn all the time.

India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Thailand
Energy, passion, integrity, realibility...
I did a volunteer minding kids in a church of my neighborhood. Also I am doing a volunteer in "Alinur" a center for persons with mental disability.