Meg Landry


Meg Landry
Joined on 05/02/2018. Born 20/01/1999
Kind, well skilled, bubbly, and driven individual wanting to be apart of motivating a push for progression in underdeveloped areas with a large focuss on education!. My name Is Meg landry, I am a people loving, adventuress, down to earth, bubbly, kind and well skilled 19 year old. I am a people person who loves conversations, learning about cultures and other ways of living. I like sharing my own stories and skills and in return enjoy learning and gaining new skills through experience, role models and just everyday life and people. I am incredibly fortunate to live a privileged home life in Melbourne Australia. Where education and resources were never limited. My main reason to want to volunteer is definitely the overall concept of pushing for progression in underdeveloped areas, I believe so strongly I the power of education and the results and benefits it creates within a community. It Generates and motivates new ideas which can transform how we live … in all aspects of life. I love children, I have worked as a Nanny on many occasions, and have always enjoyed the bubbly, interest, and energy and curiosity children have. I would love to be placed on any project that pushes education, or supports a project that looks to benefit a community for the future in a sustainable, positive way. Conservation, farming, education and women’s rights are all areas I would happily love to focus on and be a part of.
I have a lot of energy, I work hard and love a challenge, I am respectful have a strong work ethic and enjoy being part of a team, working alongside mentors or being a leader myself.

Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Antarctica, Argentina, Slovenia
Agriculture Work
Archaeological Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
I have worked as a teachers hand before, teaching English to children under 16. I have held leadership workshops for younger children, I have been a part of many leadership programs within that last 6 years. I Enjoy arts, singing, sports and play guitar. I have 7 years’ experience with working with kids. Having been a Nanny and working as a local caregiver and babysitter. I Have worked/volunteered on farms, and grew up on a farm in Australia. I am well organised and creative. I enjoy brainstorming projects and making things happen. .
Volunteered in a Café called New Roots in London, where funds went to homeless women (specifically those who were pregnant) who couldn't find/get support.
Volunteered at a farm in Portugal and one in the UK
Volunteer at a weekly "feed the homeless" event in Melbourne
Human Harmony Nepal
Passionate Honest Reliable

"Hi Future Human Harmony Nepal Volunteers, I am writing from Nepal currently. I am here working for this organization and truly loving the whole experience. An incredibly passionate, honest and reliable organization, that I am so pleased to have chosen and be working for. you will be based in an incredibly poverty stricken Village "Kagitigaun" with lots of projects to choose from, your help is very much needed. the homestay is a great opportunity to understand Nepalese culture and become closer with the community your working for. I cant recommend this organization enough. If you have any concerns before applying as a volunteer... your more then welcome to send me an email and I will respond as soon as I can."

on 02/04/2018

A Huge thankyou and goodbye!!

"Hello INamaste from Canada to Nepal! I just got back from my volunteer trip in Nepal with Human Harmony Nepal. Words to describe my trip? Colourful, heart warming, unique, spicy, beautiful and just vibrant with full of new friendly faces, family and experiences. I taught English in the village school, the kids were enthusiastic and sweet- some would walk 2 hours just to be there. The village people so nice and willing to work with you. Namita amazing, lovely and full of stories! She is a chatter box!!! Never a dull moment.... her family ( my host family) are now my own family, they welcomed me in like one of their own daughters, I shared food and many nights of laughter and fun. I truly learnt the Nepalese culture and I have them to thank. I will NEVER forget my time in Nepal and actually plan to come back very soon to work with the village and see my family again. Good luck to Future Human Harmony volunteers - they are doing special big things to help this village and they need all the help passion and heart they can get x"

on 04/05/2018