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Niren Joseph

Sri Lanka

Niren Joseph
Joined on 18/09/2016 Born 01/01/1971
"A Bible Researcher & Poet by vocation who values the simple things in life, seeking to glorify God, and bloom wherever planted.". I do spend much of my time sharing God's love and His Blessings bestowed upon me with others. My wife and I live in Sri Lanka, and must say that we are truly content living our lives as 'God's-children', 'sola-fide' (solely by faith) & 'sola-scriptura' (solely by scripture) by His grace.
I always live my life by Jesus' examples, and would not discriminate between one from another when it comes to people and interactions.
Love for one another, mutual respect, loyalty and faithfulness are some of the virtues I practice, and would not like to see them tarnished.

Hobbies & Interests:

Bible Research, Poetry, Reading, Teaching, Counseling & Learning, and Sharing.

Date of Birth :- 1st March 1971.


South Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden
Animal Care
The 'talents' and 'skills' the Lord has bestowed upon me are many, and highlighted are a few for the record:- - Teaching & Sharing. - Counseling. - Building bridges of reconciliation amidst conflict, and being empathetic towards all those deserving. - Caring for animals. - Journalism. - Secretarial work.
Was once an 'Associate Editor', and 'Associate Staff Member / Instructor in the English Language' of a Mission Organization in Sri Lanka.