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A truly wonderful organization!

"I stayed with TANF three years ago, for only six weeks. While I stayed with TANF in the volunteer-flat, I worked as a teacher in a nearby school, teaching math and ICT, and I really loved it! Everyone was really welcoming, I was shown around, not just in class, but in Ghana as a whole. We did trips traveling around Ghana, I was shown how to cook plantains and taught how to speak Twi (a little. What I mostly forgot… ☹). But what I definitely liked the most was the contact to all the other volunteers, as well as to P-Laud, the sympathetic, workaholic, one-man-leader of TANF. Often we sat together until late in the evening, planning, how we could improve TANFs work and the communities lives. I think that might be the biggest difference compared to other organizations to volunteer with: with TANF you really know, that everything is set up by people (or mostly one guy) who lives everything he preaches, who really care about this organization and all the people around him. And that you can have an actual impact on the work of this small organization. That if you have an idea or a plan, to improve the situation, they will help you to set it up.
So I didn’t ever regret this trip, but instead came back last year, to visit everyone again. It was wonderful and I can highly recommend it!"

on 20/04/2017