Isabela Palacios


Isabela Palacios

Joined on 23/03/2017. Born 20/01/2000
i want to change the world with my actions and in the future with my job. I respect a lot the environment, and I will fight for its conservation, for transforming reality. I am athletic, I love to play soccer and I like to write. I always try to learn from the others, and I never give up. I feel that my purpose in the world is to save nature and everything that transcends it. I love animals and children, I admire their innocence and I like to fight for their Rights.
I like to help and I am committed to a sustainable development initiative

Want to visit

Africa, South East Asia, Europe, Oceania, Australia, Austria, Finland, France, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa

Interested in

Animal Care
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Social Work

Additional Skills

I'm very good arguing, I'm persistent and I believe in my abilities. I am sociable and eloquent. I learn with ease and I teach well.I like to work as a team, I am dynamic. i have Ability to work under pressure and effectively

Past Volunteering Experience

I dont have but I want to start transforming my reality, and i will deliver everything from myself.