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Marti Sarrats


Marti Sarrats
Joined on 05/12/2016 Born 02/01/1990
I'm just a grain of sand, but an optimistic one!. I'm from Barcelona city.
I was brought up in a humble neighborhood but I never had a lack of anything, nor had all the things that I wanted.
My parents have inculcated to me values in order to be the best person as possible.
Today, I'm concerned of the world. I’m tired to see all the bad things on TV and newspapers, to see the crisis of values in the persons of our society.
For this reason and for being the person that I am today I need to share all the good things I have with other people, and the better way is the volunteering as soon as your ordinary life permit it.

Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Central America, South America, Europe
Agriculture Work
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Social Work
PERSONAL HABILITYS - Friendly and positive character. - I always try to see the good side of the things. - Patience. - I have experience with children and old people. - I'm a good communicator. OTHER KNOWLEDGE: - Team work - University grade in Business. - B2 English - B1 français - Sports WORK EXPERIENCE: - Construction. - Farm. - Lifts and elevator systems. - Today working as foreign trade staff.
2 years as children basketball coach.
Moreover, I have done voluntary work in Old people's homes, food campaigns in Christmas, and other exceptional moments.