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Kelly Vanloffelt


Kelly Vanloffelt
Joined on 13/08/2016 Born 24/01/1990
Traveling the world in an amusing an useful way= amuseful travels. I’m Kelly, a 25 years old Belgian girl traveling the world (currently Asia) in the most #amuseful way possible. Traveling in and amusing and useful way is my ultimate aim.

South East Asia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Animal Care
Web Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
I used to do the marketing for a holiday park in Belgium and the Netherlands. So I have good (creative) communication skills. But I don't mind working in the garden, harvesting fruits and veggies, milking cows, teaching English, helping at an oyster farm, cleaning rooms in hostels. As long as I feel useful I'm happy to volunteer.
- New Zealand: working at farms harvesting fruits and vegetables, milking cows, cleaning up gardens, babysitting, cooking,...
- Indonesia: teaching English in schools
- Japan: aqua farming at an oyster farm, working for a guesthouse (cooking and cleaning), hostel: marketing, reception and cleaning.