Natalia Montaner


Natalia Montaner
Joined on 18/09/2016.

Two crazy chileans in AFA

"We spent two and a half months in AFA having different experiences, as been in class rooms, parents program, share in the adults program and sensory integration with the O.T.
AFA its like a big family, we felt at home, we learned a lot about the autism, we could share our knoledge with the teachers about our esperiences in chile as well.
As tourist we could discovered india in a diferent way, we were able to know about the culture, food, lenguage and traditions.
We are really gratful for all the good moments and the affection that all everyone gave us (teachers, workers, childrens, adults, families) , we enjoyed a lot all the time that we spent in AFA and we leave having the best memories and wanting to go back again.
They are a very good team, and we hope see you again. Thank you for everything"

on 19/11/2017