Marta Lainez


Marta Lainez

Joined on 26/02/2017. Born 19/01/1990
How wonderful the people that yes. That it does want, that it does can, that it does try, that it does risk, that it does dare to fly. I am a very active, positive, open-minded person. I enjoy work and life in the nature, to know other cultures...

Want to visit

Central Asia, South Asia, South America, Argentina, Bolivia, India, Nepal, Paraguay

Interested in

Agriculture Work

Additional Skills

I can work in the construction, I can work with agroecological techniques, I am leisure monitor and free time, I have knowledges about computer programs

Past Volunteering Experience

Now I am in Slovakia ina permaculture and rural development project. Last summer I was in Argentina with an agroecology organization. In my country I am volunteer in SETEM a fair-trade organization.