Mouhamadou moustapha thiam


Mouhamadou moustapha thiam
Joined on 28/01/2018. Born 04/01/1995
I love humanity and want to serve my communities in rural remote areas in Senegal.. I am a Senegalese native born and raised in Kaolack Medina region. To join and volunteer to this organization QSV, Inc means a lot to me and I wish to improve the conditions of the Senegalese people.

Africa, Senegal
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Admin Event planning, coordination, and creative director of affairs in project planning. Recruiter.
I have volunteered in Queen Sheba Village Nonprofit from afar. I have researched successfully financial mentors and investors to aide the mission/vision of Foundation Queen Sheba Village.
A Foundation that many Africans countries would love to have is QSV!!!

"I am proud to be a volunteer at this much needed Nonprofit organization. Volunteering for me is the chance i get to learn and increase my knowledge of what a organization is. I have seen with my own eyes the importance of QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE is to the people. Frankly we need a QSV in every village in Senegal because the need is great. There are so many people suffering.
QSV fundraises and that is a skill many educated locals need to learn including myself. Unfortunately many natives here are poor. I volunteer my coordinating and recruiting services and this is just one skill i have learned to do since I have joined the villagers and offer additional roles as I am trained along the way.
Volunteering for a organization I believe is awesome. The programs and events we have completed is wonderful and I would like to increase the efforts to give and perform more to assist the needy which there are a huge number of.
Apply to QSV and help us continue to aide humanity!"

on 25/04/2018