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Joined on 12/09/2016 Born 26/01/1995
I love help people while I discover new places, cultures, people, languages... It's a good way to learn and to be open-minded and happy.. I'm a good person that love helping people and learning from different places.

I'm finishing the degree of Chemistry in the University and I want to be a teacher because I love learning and teaching and working with people and I think that education and people who love teaching are essential everywhere. I also love children, I think they have to be happy so I want to achieve it while they learn.
I have been volunteer in Red Cross and I have organized with others volunteers a week of Summer campsite out of the city for the children from families with economic problems of our city, because we want that they had a great week playing, learning and being happy. I have also be volunteer in the Summer camp of my University with the children of the workers during a month in the mornings.