Jazmín Zuasnabar

Peru. Born 27/10/1997

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Jazmín Zuasnabar - Volunteering Profile

Innovative and design

Actually I am studying Industrial engineering, but I have strongly preferences for innovation and design. Part of that, it is applying new projects to help others as volunteering.

North America, Central America, Europe, The Caribbean, Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Italy, New Zealand

Animal Care
Web Work

-Academic knowledges of engineering, english, literature, IT. -Good at basketball and voleyball -Assertive comunication -Common sense to solve problems and to give advice -Drawing and painting skills

- I was volunteer at the school helping in a program to raise awareness about recycling.
- I teach to my sister and cousin about English and Science. Helping to improve the education in my country.