India Amos

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India Amos

Joined on 04/01/2017.
Freelance journalist, translator, mindful volunteer. I'm an ENFP and an Aries, and both of these character traits are important to understanding me and how I operate as a traveler. I enjoy my independence and love the freedom of traveling alone, but I also crave a sense of community whenever I relocate to a new location. As a recent college graduate, volunteering abroad has allowed me to truly immerse myself in cultures that are not my own, and I am dedicated to promoting no-harm organizations that provide a valuable, sustainable cultural exchange program for not just the volunteer, but for the local community, as well.

Want to visit

Central America, South America, Europe

Interested in

Archaeological Work
Web Work
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work

Additional Skills

I love learning new languages, and I am fluent in Spanish and conversational in Italian. I've also got a strong writing/communications background, and I have extensive teaching experience with non-English speakers and have worked on several Spanish/English translation projects.

Past Volunteering Experience

I have volunteered as an ESL intern in rural Ecuador and spent my college years serving as an IFSA-Butler Global Ambassador, where I promoted ethical study abroad programs in over 20 countries around the world.