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Emma Lillqvist


Emma Lillqvist
Joined on 26/06/2017 Born 09/01/1998
An open-minded, enthusiastic young woman from Finland with an urge to help and make a difference.. I'm a high school graduate, working here in Helsinki at the moment and taking time off off studying. I hope in the near future to travel somewhere where I would get the opportunity to give something I have - whether it would only be something "small" - to those in need.

As a person I'm very positive, brisk and empathetic. I'm a good listener and very imaginative. I love making a positive impact on someone's life, even with the smallest actions. For example at my current job as a customer servant, I try to make everyone's visit to our restaurant one that they would feel good about when leaving there, and that might even make someone's day.

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, family and friends mean the world to me. I also like to work out, listen to music and read.

Alongside with being passionate for issues concerning our globe and the endangered nature of it, the things I feel most passionate about are women empowerment and teaching children. I believe education is the most fundamental thing in the world, and with improving that we could make a difference.

Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Middle East
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
I speak three languages, Finnish of course as it is my mother tongue, fluent English and good Swedish. I'm very good with children, and can easily come up with ideas for games and playing and inspire the children. I'm can cook, sing and play the guitar.
Unfortunately none - yet.