Association Jeunesse Espoir (AJE)

Saint-Louis , Senegal, Africa
AJE is a non-profit organization working for the protection and care of children and youth in advanced vulnerability situations.

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Fara Ndiaye
Hlm rue 101 villa 307 hlm Sor Saint-Louis, Saint-Louis, Senegal.
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Since its inception in 2013, AJE has worked for the protection and care of children and youth in vulnerable situations. Among the beneficiaries of this social services are talibés children, children in a total social breakdown, children at risk of estrangement, and children living in situations of advanced precariousness within their families. We have targeted these populations in seven areas: health, formal and informal education, vocational training, economic integration, nutrition, sport, and recreation.

Recently, the AJE Board of Directors chose to focus exclusively on four of the areas to strengthen the program's impact.

The four main areas of intervention are:
1. Education
2. Health
3. Professional training
4. Economic insertion

Our vision is to make the northern region of Senegal an area where children and youth in vulnerable situations, who represent the weakest link in the Saint-Louis region, enjoy protection and are supported in their quest to find their way out of poverty towards economic independence.

Our mission is to support children and youth in vulnerable situations in the northern region of Senegal through:

- Education (by ensuring that they remain in school or return to school).
- Health (by enrolling them in the universal health coverage program launched by the state of Senegal).
- Vocational training (by registering them for vocational training school when they can no longer return to traditional school).
- Economic insertion (by guiding them when they have completed their training towards economic integration and independence).

Our values are:

- The Cult of Excellence. Always aim for excellence in the work completed within the organization.
- Dignity. Respect for human dignity regardless of race, religion, provenance, and ideology.
- Autonomy. Accompaniment and motivation of children and youth in vulnerable situations so that they are the agent of their development.
- Integrity. Everyone who is a member of the Association must have unfailing moral and mental integrity to serve the beneficiaries effectively and equitably.
- Competence. The AJE must always rely on proven competencies for each area.