Review of TANF GHANA by Emily

Incredible charity, unforgettable experience

As part of my gap year travels I spent 2 weeks in Ghana with TANF as medical volunteer. This included amazing hands on experience in a health clinic in Senya Beraku, where I worked amongst other nurses and health care professionals to treat the community. The team at the clinic were great, they were eager to get me involved in the work as well as teaching me so many things along the way. Whether it was how to measure a foetus and find it's heart beat, how to take blood, how to determine blood group from a blood sample, or how to test for malaria.

TANF has been great right from the start, especially Laud, making me feel prepared for my trip and very welcome, safe and comfortable once I arrived in Ghana.

What I loved about my stay here was also the involvement with other volunteers, organisations and charities. This also gave me more opportunities to explore the beautiful country, interact with dozens of other volunteers from across the world, and have so much fun. I also spent some evenings at 'Becky's Home', an orphanage, and met so many lovely children. It was great to see all the work of different organisations with the same vision of creating an educated and healthy community. While on the healthcare placement I was part of planning and fundraising for an medical outreach programme to test and treat a community. It was amazing to see what a little bit of effort and passion can do to help others.

Thanks TANF for an unforgettable two weeks, it really wasn't enough and I wish I could have been here longer! I have learned so much and will remember this experience forever.
on 18/06/2017