Review of Esperanza Verde International by Anna Gruyters

on 24/01/2018

Wonderful & rewarding experience

Volunteering at Esperanza Verde has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I stayed there for about two months in the beginning of 2017. In this time, I got the opportunity to work with many different wild animals and I learned a lot about their different behaviours. You will be surrounded by genuine and passionate people who are willingly to learn you everything about the jungle and the animals that live in it.

My working days consisted of feeding all the different animals, cleaning their cages, giving milk to baby monkeys and several other small jobs like cleaning the house or making lunch for everybody. As a volunteer, you really see that your help makes a big difference. Everybody’s hard work will be paid off when another animal gets released back into the wild or when you see that other animals live peacefully – and in freedom – around the centre.

After you’ve finished your work, don’t worry you’ll ever get bored. You can go for a swim by the nearest waterfall, take photographs of the beautiful surroundings, play a game with all the other volunteers or just relax in one of the hammocks – and believe me, you’ll fall in love with the hammocks.

Meanwhile, you get all these amazing experiences while living in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Although living in the jungle does have its challenges (insects, humidity and almost no electricity to name a few) it is enchanting to wake up to the sound of the jungle and to go back asleep under a sky full of stars, surrounded by fireflies.

My stay at Esperanza Verde passed by so quickly and I wished I stayed a little longer. If you are open to leave some luxury’s behind, love animals and nature and want to help out a very good cause, then Esperanza Verde is the perfect place for you to volunteer!