on 08/09/2016

Great experience in Kenya !

Hi, I am from South Korea.
When I finished my University, I was eager to do something new and meaningful. So, I volunteered for this wonderful activity. I went to Bomet county, which is the main production area of the tea in order to participate in 6 weeks volunteer programme.
Bomet has a very clean sky and nature. Food are very healthy, likes maize, potato, keil, spinach, bananas, pumkins and so on. I had had a bad diet habit that prefer to eat fast and unhealthy food. So, My parents also a bit happy with local Kenyan food .
It’s very clear that there was a huge cultural gap between Kenya and my homeland. However, someone said, “What does not kill you, makes you strong.” I am highly agree with this. Definitely, there were challenges in terms of living in other country. However, It was not able to stop my journey! Now, I recollect my journey and it was quite meaningful and invaluable. I also went to Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa, and get into the Indian Ocean. The ocean is so clean, has beautiful scenery.
When it comes to Kenya, sometimes, people are confused about safety. As I experienced, Kenya is a really safe place. I have never seen the peoeple who are fighting or shouting. They are very kind and generous. I would like to point out that even I just walk down the street in Nairobi, some guys came to me and said, “Welcome to my country, and thank you for your visiting.” What a strong social cohesion.
If someone read this short writing, I want tell you.
What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate! Go forward!

I am looking forward to revisiting Kenya sooner or later.
(I should have been to Masai Mara National Reserve!)