Review of Tortugas de Pacuare by Olinka Welte Carreon

on 19/09/2016

I love this project!

Hey everybody, I loved this project so much. The place is incredibel: rough, beautiful, challenging. Although it takes sometimes a while to get to see a turtle (because every kind of predator is already having a great impact!), it is a great moment to get to see this huge animals. I have been there several times during the leatherback season. And besides the turtle work, you can have fun with the other volunteers or you use the chance to explore the village. It is a very basic place but for me it was an important personal experience and it changed my opinion about a lot of habits I had before getting there. I could always talk to the responsables there if something was wrong, I think that is very important to feel well. I'm sure I'm not the only volunteer who enjoyed his/her stay there. Greets from Germany :-)