Review of Human Harmony Nepal by Marina Novkovic

on 29/08/2018

Ma Nepali ho

Hello! I am Marina from Italy and I volunteered for Human Harmony Nepal. I worked in the village of Kagatigaun for a month teaching English and leading workshops about women rights. People there needs a lot of help and the most important thing is that they want to be helped!

Every time we finished an English lesson, we were impressed by the kids and their willingness to learn English. They are fast learners and they have a big respect for the teacher and also the classroom (- every morning, they clean their own schoolroom).

Women and men from different communities where we leaded workshops, were very curious about what we had to say to them. They have never heard about human nor women rights, most of them have never been to school neither. There was a day when some women started to cry during the workshop because they felt so sad that they did not have the opportunity to study and to become aware about the possibilities and rights that they actually have. In that moment, Namita (the founder of Human Harmony Nepal) and I felt that what we were doing is important and necessary.

In Nepal I saw a (very) different and hard lifestyle, I faced many challanges that these people have to face everyday and it changed me a lot. But most of all, I found respect, kindness and positivism. Even if the life is hard people never stop smiling, they treat you kindly and they are always ready to help each other.

Moreover, I found a second family which I will never forget. Thanks to them I learnt some Nepali language and culture, but I learnt more than this, they taught me what love and resiliency mean. They welcomed me without actually knowing who I am, but they treated me as a part of their family since the beginning. The work that Namita is doing there is great and important: she faces a lot of problems and challanges everyday but she never gives up, because she knows that people needs help.
So I really recommend you to go there, help these people and challange yourself and your limits because it will be unique and because world needs "nice people doing nice things".

For any kind of question, do not hesitate to text me :^)
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