Review of The Yepez Foundation by Stacie Reid

on 09/02/2018

Two Weeks with the Yepex Foundation

My name is Stacie and I'm a 27 year old Canadian who spent four months backpacking throughout South and Central America. I knew that I wanted to spend part of that time volunteering, but when I was researching the different volunteer projects available in Mexico, I was totally overwhelmed by the hundreds of options available and was at a total loss for which one to choose. Are they a trustworthy organization? Will the money I'm contributing get to the cause itself? What kind of work will I be doing? And how can I best spend my time to make a difference?
These were all question I had swirling around in my mind as I tried to choose. I emailed with a few organizations before finally deciding on the Yepez Foundation. They were extremely helpful and accommodating while I was planning my trip and answered all my question quickly and thoroughly. It was off to a great start!
Even so, I was still nervous as I took a bus to the small town of Veracruz. Would someone be there to meet me? Would it look like the pictures? What would the other volunteers be like?
I am happy to say that everything surpassed my expectations and that I had nothing to worry about. Ricardo, Peppi and all the people at the Yepez Foundation were so welcoming and made me feel like a part of the family from the moment I showed up.
During my two weeks there, I contributed to many project including building corrals for the eggs, helping with school presentations and almost daily beach patrols on ATVs. Even though I was there at the beginning of the nesting period (April), I was still very fortunate to see Kemp Ridley turtles laying their eggs, and then later, rescuing about 300 eggs. It is truly an unforgettable experience.
This was definitely one of the best two weeks of my entire trip. If you're at all feeling the way I did, nervous, uncertain but confident that you want to make a difference, then I definitely recommend choosing the Yepez Foundation. You won't be disappointed!