Review of Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa) by Josefiina Olkkonen

on 19/01/2017

The most unique and valuable experience of my life

I volunteered for ACO-Africa for two months in 2016 and really enjoyed my time with them. The organisation works in different districts so I got to see many sides of Uganda and learned so much about its culture and people and also about myself.
I would recommend ACO-Africa to anyone who is looking for a placement where you can really have an influence and help people. The organisation is very small so you really get to be an important part of it and see what it does in practice. The director of the organisation, John, is a heartfelt person and he takes good care of his volunteers. The accommodation and upkeep ACO-Africa provides are good although you obviously can't be too fussy about them. What it comes to the tasks of the volunteers, John is very liberal and you can do almost whatever you want for the organisation. I asked if I could do some teaching and John organized it for me. The organisation has limited funds but if you want to contribute something there are endless opportunities. We, for example, painted a school with an other volunteer and it was such a memorable and rewarding process.
All in all, ACO-Africa is a small but a significant charity and I'm very grateful that I got to work for them!