Review of LEO Project by Shannon Plummer

100% would recommend LEO in a heartbeat

I am currently volunteering with LEO as part of my uni degree (Zoology) for a full year. I'm from Ireland and have been in Sri Lanka for two months, and it already feels like my home away from home.

LEO honestly offers a lot more than they even advertise! Working with the elephants is such a rewarding job but on top of that I've also been able to immerse myself in the culture - going to see sporting events and traditional music shows and tasting every bit of food there is to try!

Working with the world's largest land mammal is the most amazing experience, especially the Sri Lankan elephants, with their patches of de-pigmentation and their very different personalities, you really get to know these gentle giants on a personal level, I honestly never want to leave.

LEO is a very close knit group of people who honestly just want to make the change we want to see in the world. I feel welcomed into a family and it is an experience i will treasure for a lifetime.
on 16/10/2018