Review of Sadhana Forest India by Aiko Brtr

on 03/09/2018

A Dream Come True!

Sadhana Forest truly is my dream come true! This organization creates endless possibilities for people with diverse backgrounds to do something meaningful for the world and find joy and purpose in giving back. It is hard to express in words how beautifully compassion is integrated into every detail of the day-to-day life. This place is transformative - to people and the land :)
If you want to do some voluntary work to help where it is needed - ecologically and socially - and are looking for an organization that is not profit orientated, which community is living VEGAN and eco-friendly, planting trees, educating on sustainability, encouraging compassion in all forms, enabling volunteers to discover different cultures in a safe environment, reducing waste wherever it's possible, supporting longterm instead of shortterm solutions and practicing an all-in-all conscious, natural and down to earth lifestyle – Sadhana Forest is the organization for you :)