Review of Christ in Touch Foundation by ALEXANDER ESIROME DENIS

on 05/03/2019

My Encounter with the foundation

Dealing with children is a task one has to execute whole committedly with love, care and above all being patient. First of all, these are not mature people, therefore you expect childish behaviour. I had to give all my time and effort to this job in order to achieve the organization’s goal and buy their trust that I could do the job and deliver results in the end. These kids come from a different background and therefore would demand a different approach when instilling values of living and working cooperatively with other people within a community.
My journey begun when I joined Christ In Touch Foundation as a Child Development Officer for some period. While there I gained a lot of experience and expertise where I would interact with children of all ages from 5-14 years. As an officer, I was able to know the children, who they are? where they live, and who their parents are? To know how to handle the children their abilities and disabilities. This is very vital when dealing with children.

The fun-learning environment; a place for all ages are loved and taught the word of God. The learning is re-enforced with craft, games, drama and other activities which natures and transforms the lives of these children. It is a great and amazing experience I had, children learning from simple to complex bringing a positive influence of early environment on brain development which helps the child appreciate his /her cultural background, customs and develop a feeling of love and care for other people.