Review of Nakupenda Tanzania by Nakupenda Tanzania

on 18/05/2018

A lifechanging experience, getting and giving perspective

I had my doubts before coming here as a solo female traveller but it turned out I couldn't be more wrong. I felt very safe here, was never short of anything, and became truly happy while working here. The sense of perspective you get while working here is priceless. Every small step is a big deal here. The feeling you get when you just taught students fractions for instance, is indescribable. You have an impact on these children's lives and they all just genuinely love to see you coming. Everybody on the street is always friendly which just gives you such a warm feeling. I was teaching at school in the morning, and teaching in the library from 4.30-6pm. The team here will make sure there is no dull moment and arrange all kinds of free time activities. You don't have to worry about anything. The host families are all lovely and part of a tight knit community, one of which you will become a part of!!! The food at the homestay is amazing with lots of local delicious dishes you can enjoy, but if you do crave western food like a burger or pizza, town is just a 20 minute walk away and meals are very affordable! I intended to stay for one month only but I’ve been here for 7 weeks already and ongoing! Asante sana!!!