Review of Tortugas de Pacuare by Fiona Muste

on 01/05/2019

My amazing experience

For a long time I was planning my trip to Costa Rica a country full of nature and with people committed to protecting the environment, many months of preparation ended in an experience that will always remain in my heart, I must say that Luis Solano made the preparation of My trip was easier, I asked many things and he was always attentive to answer. Upon arriving at the camp a group of friendly people between volunteers and staff were the beginning of a beautiful experience, my first night listening to the waves of the sea was like rocking a baby, I was aroused by the howler monkeys, I was a bit afraid because I did not know they were, an hour later it was already beginning to dawn and I felt like in a documentary that you see on TV, through the window of our room very close to us the capuchin monkeys hung from the branches, the day began and the coordinator of the Camp explained the work that we were going to do, the first day was learning and talks, the second night our work began a bit of beach cleaning, garbage collection and at night the patrol looking for turtles, it was just magical, walking on a beach where wildlife is breathed everywhere, we made our first tour and returned to the camp, rested and continued the journey, nobody had prepared me for the show what I would see The largest species of turtle in the ocean, cry only to see how beautiful and impressive a Leatherback turtle, could write for hours all the wonderful things and animals that I could see in that magical piece of land called Pacuare, but I will only say one which I hope can summarize what I feel, if you go to Pacuare you will not regret it, that was simply the most beautiful experience of my life"