Review of SFOCSG by Samuel Omondi Akongo

on 10/01/2017


My name is Samuel Omondi Akong'o. I am a community social worker and a counsellor. I have been working as a community based social worker at Solicitute For Orphans Children Support Group for the past 3 years. We visit orphans and widows and try our best to atleast bring a difference in their lives by providing for their basic needs and empowering them through education and helping them acquire skills that can help them an a living.. It has been a moving experience because many of these orphans are living in pathetic conditions and at times, we cannot cater for everything they need. I always consider it an opportunity and a calling to do a work that directly touches on humanity despite the challenges that we face to reach these needy people in the community, eg walking or travelling for long distances, changes in weather conditions and lack of adequate resources. All in all, it has been the best experience in my life, offering love, giving hope by allowing them to lean on our shoulders, and providing a future to the less fortunate in the society. My prayers is that God will give us the strength to forge ahead with this noble course to its accomplishment, despite any obstacle, or challenge so that at the end of the day, those we found crying can afford a smile on their face and have a decent livelihood.