Review of Christ in Touch Foundation by NABULONDELA EVE

on 20/03/2019

Volunteering at the foundation

I have been honored to write about my volunteer experience at the foundation, when I first worked the foundation things were not so easy since I did not understand a lot of acronyms interwoven by some nonprofit buzzwords that most people used at the time most especially in the management department which left me guessing what these people are talking about. This alone arose a paramount sense of desire to learn more and understand the nature of the work with the help of some amazing people at the foundation I improved and consequently posted to the resource mobilization and I am thankful that by the end of my volunteering, I had acquired some writing skills which I use right now and most importantly my stay at the foundation made me to look at people with the lens of empathy and have gratitude whenever we help people realize their purpose, direction, and meaning of life. There is nothing good than to have giving hand to the most vulnerable persons who seem to be the lowest in our communities so that they achieve their dream no matter who they are and whom they born. I had the privilege to be part of something bigger than myself “making the planet a better place for everyone regardless of color, race, tribe, religion and education background”