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Review of Kep Gardens Association by Kep Gardens Association

on 28/04/2018

A experience not to forget.

Volunteering in Kep Gardens was just awesome. Why?
- The kids. I've never seen such hard-working children as kep garden's ones are. They are really interested in learning, and they try hard until they got it. They take profit from every single second you are with them, running to get one more book to read if there's still one minute left. That makes you realize how important your work there is.
- The culture. You are inside a little village living with its great population. We assisted to weddings and make-up 'studios', we saw how they live there and entered their houses and talked to local people, we could learn about their works, their day-a-day life,... It's an opportunity for staying away from tourism and know real cambodia and a culture totally different from ours.
- Feeling like home. There's a cottage for volunteers where you can have your privacy. Life there is kind of 'country life', what makes it much more special. We were cooked everyday by June.. crazy hands to cook, not only khmer food but every kind of dishes. Janine and her husband become your parents during the stay, and hearing about their adventures there is amazing. Rest of staff are really kind people and always ready to help.
- Activities. There are many things to do in kep gardens: excursions guided by locals, spending time with children after classes, going to swimming pool, laying on the hammocks... And from time to time lesson schedule are broken to change the routine and make games or other activities with children, which is really amusing. Every day in kep gardens, though apparently is always the same, is different from the day before, and once you realize, your time there is over.

Maybe there are cheaper volunteering plans, but once you are there, you can see that all your money is for those children who really want to learn, children who need a way, and no money spent in luxuries or other staff.
If you are planing a volunteering in Cambodia, don't hesitate, CHOOSE KEP GARDENS.