Review of Rwenzori Action for Tourism Services by

A flexible stay and an opportunity to learn about and experience Uganda from within

Have been part of this project for some months now, and can say it has been a very interesting and meaningful stay so far. Have had the opportunity to learn a lot about this area of Uganda and the people living here, as well as having the opportunity to travel around and experience the country by my own or together with other volunteers. For those who like to be flexible and independent, and like to come up with ideas and new project, I will absolutely recommend working with this project. And still it is a tourism project you will feel that the community make up a big deal and is much involved in many aspects of the activities. The activities you can engange in are also many, so it is easy to find something for your interest or something that match one's skills. The staff here is also very welcoming and do their best to make your stay comfortable and interesting. They are also more than happy to give volunteers the opportunity to learn more about people, culture, history and beliefs, as well as local knowledge, handcraft, food, plants and animals in Kasese and the Rwenzori Mountains.
on 14/02/2018