Review of Mawulolo Youth Network by Kennedy Fakunle

on 04/03/2019

Most memorable moments in Ghana

I volunteered with Mawulolo Youth Network from September to November 2018. Primarily, I taught reading and grammar to students whose ages ranged from about as young as 12 to about 15 years old. For someone who has no background or experience in teaching, the experience can be a little intimidating at first but it is extremely rewarding. As someone who grew up in impoverished communities and went to schools with few resources, I saw myself in many of my students. They were all extremely ambitious and intelligent, with many wanting to go on to be singers, actors/actresses, lawyers, doctors, etc. All it takes is contributions, whether it be donations or time, from volunteers to help continue to achieve the vision of MYN’s founders. I am very grateful for Romeo, Selorm, and Michael’s help and all the hard work everyone at MYN puts into the organization. I look forward to seeing the organization grow so it can provide more for the children but that can only happen if volunteers like you take the time out to help. These children are very gifted and deserve to have the best education.