Review of Ecoreach Foundation by Marina Gad

on 02/03/2018

Delivering services where they are needed the most

Even before arriving to Nepal, I was impressed by fast responses from Ecoreach to questions I had about the trip. That gave me a sense of security and assurance. After meet and greet at the airport , I was taken to the homestay. Ecoreach accommodates all the volunteer needs. I was assigned to help with the administration , which I love to do in my everyday life. The organization is transparent and craves to make improvements based on the feedback from the volunteers. Visiting Monohara Slum really puts your own life in perspective. Ecoreach is not all work and no play . On the weekend , they helped us book a trip to Pokhara. After the business hours, when possible Niraj took us on the motorbike trips around the city. Volunteering with Ecoreach has taught me that you can make a difference on the local level and immediately see the gratitude of the people. I definitely intend to continue volunteering with Ecoreach and return to Nepal next year.