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Review of FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine by FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine

on 26/03/2018

Habitat Monitoring

My time working with Celine was spent setting up an aquatic habitat monitoring programme across sites based in the IP Bio research facility and at Celine. As there was currently no habitat monitoring in place, this gave me the ideal opportunity to gain new skills as well as help to make a difference with the conservation work that is being carried here in the Atlantic forest.

The location of the release center is amazing and was one of the things that has made my volunteer experience absolutely unforgettable. As well as the exciting new projects that you can get involved in, there are plenty of extra activities to enjoy at the weekends and after work. From caving to hiking and even the chance to get up close with wild dolphins, there is no chance of getting bored!

I would definitely recommend this volunteer opportunity to other people, both with a background in conservation and without as I feel like it is a very unique experience to get involved with. A huge than you to all the other volunteers and incredibly friendly staff at the reserve that made my experience so fantastic!