Review of Rainbow Volunteer Club by Saazan Thami

on 23/08/2019

Volunteer service in school

On 22nd August 2019
We prepare out door game for school kids. I was excited to do activity in school. And it was really best experience of my life.
While doing activity and playing game i still remember their happiness and smiley face. We enjoy a lot with kids. They make a good relation with us.
They were not shy towards us. they treat as a friendly.
i feel and i learn from them to become friendly with everyone.
We also ask to join teacher in our activity. And they were very exited to join us. For a moment i just think the good relation with student and teacher can take a bright future, good education and good life. And i learn that There is no age difference for being friend.

I'm really thankful towards Rainbow Volunteer Club for that gave me this golden opportunity with children to make smile and see smile on their face.It gave me inner satisfaction. And i feel glad to Volunteering with Rainbow Volunteer Club and also for being part of it.
Now I can see real happiness of children, i can feel their pain, i can share my all experience with children.
Thank you so much