Review of Iracambi by Karina Amalbert

on 17/06/2019

Living in the middle of paradise

I along with four other university students spent nine weeks working with Iracambi and wish we could spend more! Iracambi is truly an amazing experience in which every single person on staff is passionate about their work and concerned for the well-being of others 24/7! We were fortunate enough to also become close fiends with volunteers from all over the world while our stay here! You can expect wifi, a cozy cabin, three meals a day, tons of pets wanting cuddles, and adventure awaiting you every day! Work looks different every day so come prepared for days to become adventures! Coming to Iracambi I had slime to none knowledge of how to even properly plant but thankfully to the amazing staff, I am confident in my ability to understand the environment. I could not recommend this place anymore than I am right now! Truly such a fantastic NGO!