Review of Cultivarte by Yuliana Pineda

It was f a n t a s t i c!

I spent 9 days un Cultivarte and I trully wish I could have stayed longer.
This has been my first volunteer and I thankful for having the possibility to have it at this farm.
Both Natalia and Yial are beautiful human beings; patient, joyful and fun.
They really do their best providing balanced delicious meals for the pretty physical intense job you may do. There's a lot of time off for your personal activities.
Yial gave yoga and capoeira classes that were relaxing and fun. We went out on a friday night to a little club in Anapoima where we danced for hours. Natalia Will teach you how to dance with the Latin flow, that's for sure.
I would definitely come back and recommend it!
on 18/09/2018