Review of Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS), Cameroon by Gapinsi Laura

on 30/01/2020

Volunteering with GERAS Cameroon

Volunteering at GERAS Cameroon as an onsite volunteer was an exciting experience for me. It matched with my goals of being in service to humanity. An ordinary day at GERAS Cameroon begins at 8am with signing inn and as one settled one looked forward to the day’s task. Volunteering was interesting as I was not left to wonder and was actively involved into the organisations activities. These activities included research work, search for donors and writing of proposal grants. My duties as a volunteer also involved going out and representing the organization during workshops and seminars in and around town. The day ends at 4pm with us going home and looking forward to a new day, this was because of the nature good leadership qualities of the Chief Executive Officer who was highly accommodating, appreciative and encouraging of the efforts I made.
I will recommend this organization to anyone looking forward to volunteering as it offers you a platform to learn and better serve humanity.