Review of KIDO Foundation by Andy Brewer

on 28/12/2017

A wonderful experience!

While the environment at KIDO is not for everyone, those with open minds and hearts will have an experience of a lifetime. The sanctuary is nestled in a private area away from the beaten path of the main town and about a 20 minute hike up the old island road from the village bus stop. Marina is the sweetest person (not to mention super intelligent) and Dario has an excitement for learning and applying knowledge that is infectious. The lodging is rustic as you might expect for an eco station of this kind and, most importantly, you must LOVE dogs (and animals and bugs of all kinds). If you are a self-starter, enjoy the outdoors, open-minded, love long debates into the wee hours, and want to help save the planet then you will have a wonderful experience in this little corner of the Caribbean! My 11 months there were truly unforgettable and the experience there changed my life for the better!