Review of Nakupenda Tanzania by Nakupenda Tanzania

on 06/02/2019

Rewarding experience full of love

I know the feeling when you are planning your volunteering experience, you want to go a place where you can contribute some how and help, and also live the proper experience with local people and feel part of it. Well let me tell you something beyond child smile / nakupenda tick all the boxes!!!
You will be part of this amazing project created for this wonderful people that just want to help the new generation (kids) to provide them a opportunity for the future, our contribution will have an impact on those children and their futures, but also is a grateful experience, you will feel the pure and genuine love from this kids, making your experience full and satisfactory.
I cannot be more lucky choosing beyond child smile, they are very helpful, making everything nice a smooth, with a such a big heart.
My family in Ilboru was such spot on, nice, friendly, making me feel one more of them. The food is delicious, all fresh with a variety of local and traditional dishes.
The neighborhood is lovely!!!!! Everybody is very friendly wanted to know about you, doesn't take long until you feel at home in Ilboru.
No matter if you travel alone, couple, or friends, I'm pretty sure in here you will find what you looking for, for me was beyond my expectations, and pretty sure I will repeat very soon.
*asante sana kwa uzoefu huu wa kushangaza, wewe ni wavulana wa ajabu, tutaona hivi karibuni!!!